About Rattie Ratbags

Rattie Ratbags is a UK rat care blog.

You’ll find posts for new owners on rat care basics, and for more experienced owners you’ll find rat care guides, enrichment ideas and answers to common rat care questions. We’ll also be reviewing rat products, sharing our mischief’s favourite things and testing out DIYs for treats, cage accessories and enrichment.

George Elsmere

Rattie Ratbags is written by George Elsmere. George is a 20-something writer from Birmingham in the UK.

George and her fiancé, David, have been keeping rats for about a year. They currently have a mischief of seven does.

When she’s not writing Rattie Ratbags, George is a freelance writer and runs food and lifestyle blog, Caramel Latte Kiss.

You’ll find George being used as a rat climbing frame, buying yet more hammocks on Etsy and trying to persuade her heart rat Storm to please stop biting her toes.

Meet the Rattie Ratbags mischief here. You can also find Rattie Ratbags sharing cute rat pictures on Instagram, rat news on Twitter , rat DIYs on Pinterest and lots of rattie content on Facebook.

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