April Rat Cage tour

April Cage Tour

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We’re back with another cage tour. Our layout is a little more challenging than our last cage tour, as Moira, our old lady is spending some time in a hospital cage with a friend.

So, this layout is an active set-up for 6 or 7 adult females.

Our cage is the three tier Popamazing, with perspex added to the bottom to create a deep base for digging. The perspex base is stuck together with clear Gorilla tape is filled with Aubiose.

We’ve got less stuff in the bottom at the moment, which is working better for the more active group. We’ve added some new bits, and now have this fantastic cabin with little slopes on the side, and a set of steps.

Most of the other items in the cage, you will have seen before. If you click through to YouTube, you’ll find a list of links in the description box. Where possible, I’ve linked to exact items, or at least, the closest I can find.

I was going to write up a separate post about hospital cage layouts. Since these videos were filmed, we had to have Moira put to sleep, so instead I’m going to add the video here. I had the video edited already, but I’m not sure I can write an accompanying post just yet. I hope the video is helpful to some of you with poorly rats anyway, even if we no longer need this set-up.

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