Meet Our Mischief

Rattie Ratbags HQ is home to a mischief of seven doe rats. Because the human residents of Rattie Ratbags are huge nerds, the girls are all named after characters from the X-Men comics.

Top-eared black Hooded
Chief Snack Tester
Rogue is one of the original residents of Rattie Ratbags. She and her sister Rahne are pet shop rats (bought before we knew about breeders). She loves her food, and is in charge of testing any new treats or rat foods we come across. She loves shoving as much cheese as she can carry into her mouth, and licking anyone who’ll sit still long enough.

Top-eared black Hooded
Head of Security
Rahne and her sister Rogue were our first rats. Rahne is shy, and can be easily startled. She’s our most safety conscious rat and likes to give anything new in the cage a thorough investigation before she interacts with it. She likes running in the wheel and chewing new holes in hammocks.

Top-eared Burmese
PR Manager
Jubilee is our rat ambassador. She’s very social, and will hang out with just about anyone. Her favourite thing is sleeves, but she also enjoys a shoulder ride and a tickle. She spends most of her time waiting to get out of the cage for a fuss.

Top-eared Siamese
HR Manager
Pixie, despite being a petite little lady, is our Alpha. She keeps the cage in line, and always picks the best bed. If the others are lucky, she might share it. She enjoys sleeping in weird positions and being treated like the little Princess she is.

Shadowcat, Blink and Storm
Dumbo black Hooded, top-eared blue Hooded and dumbo Roan
Rattie Ratbags Interns
Shadowcat, Blink and Storm are rescues. We adopted them, along with their mum, in January of 2019. Shadowcat is a curious explorer and a reformed biter. Blink is the fastest rat we’ve ever seen. Storm is a very confident soul who lives to climb and try and put her nose down people’s ears.

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