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In Memoriam

In Memoriam

Rattie Ratbags has been home to many rats. Here, we remember our ratbags who have crossed the rainbow bridge. You might see these rats in older posts, so you can learn a little about them here.



Dumbo Roan.

Moira was originally adopted out to an inexperienced owner who tried to breed and ended up with far too many rats. We rescued her and her three daughters from an adoption centre in January of 2019. When she arrived, Moira was overweight, in poor condition and unable to climb. She slowly learned how to rat, but she was very friendly and an expert nest builder. She enjoyed testing hammocks by chewing them into new shapes, arranging the cage to her liking and taking a nice nap. She also occasionally enjoyed biting your ears. Moira was put to sleep in April 2019 after old age and advanced HLD caught up with her and severely reduced her quality of life.



Top-eared black Hooded.

Rogue was one of the original residents of Rattie Ratbags. She and her sister Rahne were pet shop rats (bought before we knew about breeders). She loved her food more than anything and was in charge of testing any new treats or rat foods we came across. She loved shoving as much cheese as she could carry into her mouth and licking anyone who would sit still long enough. Rogue passed away in her sleep at home in November 2019, after a short illness.



Top-eared Burmese

Jubilee came to us from Salem Star Rattery.

Jubilee started life as an absolute loon who loved to climb upside-down along the cage roof. As she aged, she mellowed into one seriously chilled out lady. Jubilee became very ill in January of 2020 and was put to sleep after the discovery of a lesion in her brain.



Top-eared Black Hooded

Rahne and her sister Rogue were our first ever rats. They came from Pets At Home (this was before we knew about breeders!).

Rahne was our shyest girl. She was not sure about human company and wasn’t the biggest fan of being handled. That could make her a challenge, but we loved her to pieces, even if she was often very grumpy with us. Rahne died at home in January 2020, due to old age.



Top-eared Siamese

Pixie and her sister Jubilee came to us at about three months old from Salem Star Rattery.

Pixie was the Alpha in our cage for most of her life, despite being one of our most petite girls.

Pixie was an absolute diva and expected to be treated like the princess she was.

Pixie was put to sleep in February 2020, after a nasty respiratory infection.


Dumbo-eared black hooded

Shadowcat, her two sisters and her mum Moira were rescued from the adoption section at Pets At Home.

Shadowcat was a boisterous soul, but very loving. She came to us as a biter, but we managed to successfully train that behaviour out of her, and she turned into a mischievous little cutie. She was always up to naughtiness, and took to headbutting you to show her affection, or just liked to get in your jumper and thrash about.

Shadowcat crossed the rainbow bridge in February 2020 after a short illness.

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