Saying Goodbye to Moira

Our Mischief: Saying Goodbye To Moira

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Those of you who follow us on Instagram may have already seen the news, but last week, we had to make the decision to have one of our rats put to sleep.

Moira came to Rattie Ratbags in January of this year as a rescue. We adopted her along with her three daughters (who are still with us). We were unsure of her age and background (beyond the fact she’d been through the same adoption centre twice in the space of about 8 months). We guessed her age at somewhere between 18 and 24 months, and were pretty sure she’d been used for breeding.

Her first weeks with us were spent learning to climb, but we were delighted to find she was a very friendly girl who enjoyed a cuddle. She slotted nearly into our existing group and proceeded to capture the hearts of everyone who met her.

Recently, she’s been slowing down. She’d lost a lot of weight, despite extra feeding, and had given up climbing in the cage. Over the last week of her life, her mobility became even more restricted and she was struggling to walk unaided. We took the decision, on the advice of our vet, to let her go.

It’s always a tough decision, but we felt in this case, it was the kindest action. There’ll be a post up soon about knowing when it’s time, as it’s a choice that never gets easier.

We may have had Moira with us for only a very short time, but we’re so glad we could give her a good life for her last months. She was a funny, occasionally grumpy old lady, who enjoyed a snuggle, a dish of scrambled egg and the odd surprise bite on your earlobe. We’ll miss her a lot, but we’re glad we got the time with her that we did.

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