Rattie Ratbags Recommends

More and more people are starting to make things for rats, and choosing the right thing can be tricky. There are also hundreds of resources out there for rat owners. Here’s some of our favourite rat things.

Isamu Rats – This site really is the Bible of all things rat. Find expert guides on feeding, behaviour, cages and health.

Rat Care UK – Rat Care is a fantastic Facebook group for new and experienced owners alike. It’s always my first port of call if I have questions. You’ll find great advice and lots of ratty fun too.

Popamazing – Our girls live in a Popamazing Parrot Cage. We love it for the height, the large doors, and the attached wheels on the base for easy moving. The girls love the space, and for such a big cage, it’s an excellent price and easily available on Amazon. Swap the base tray and the bottom wires over. If you want a deeper base, many owners make their own base from Perspex, or you can put a plastic storage box inside. The Taytay box from Amazon fits perfectly.

Aubiose – There are lots of excellent substrates out there, but after some trial and error, we’ve settled on Aubiose. Our girls enjoy digging in it, and we enjoy how long a reasonably cheap bale lasts.

Ratwise – Ratwise is a membership, run by Alison Campbell, of Shunamite Rats and author of the excellent Scuttling Gourmet. For a minimal monthly fee, you get access to Alison’s facebook group, monthly downloads, recipes, DIY ideas, dicussions on rat behaviour and much more. I learn so much from Alison, and this is a must for any owner looking to expand their knowledge.

Catit Carrier – Getting rats into a carrier is like a very not fun game of Whack-a-mole. Shutting the lid without catching a flailing paw, tail or nose is a challenge. The Catit carrier makes this much easier. It’s enormous, with good ventilation, and opens both with a door at the front, or from the top. This makes flinging rats in much easier. It’s roomy, so good for longer trips, and has food and water bowls inside. It can also be secured in the car really easily with a seat belt.

Rat Rations – Rat Rations is a one stop shop for lots of your ratty needs. Our girls were fed on their complete mixes until recently. We now some parts of our homemade mix from them, and we also buy the girls’ supplements from there. You can find food, treats, cages, cage furniture and more on there.

Mamble 100 – We love the Mamble 100 as a holiday cage. It folds down flat for easy storage at home, but when we travel it pops up really easily for a roomy cage for short holidays.

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